8 de octubre de 2013

My first DSLR

Ok. So now you just found out that photography is your passion, you enjoy taking pictures and edit them using those fun and cool apps you can find in play store.  You have decided to take the next step. Going forward. Buy a DSLR camera to demonstrate to yourself what are capable to do. How far you can go in doing what you love. Taking pictures that inspire you and why not, maybe some people out there too.

Guilty Fall
I started doing my research online to see what camera will fit my needs.I am feeling excited. I am going to do this!! Finally, I will spend about five hundred bucks just for me. I feel guilty though. Am I really going to spend that amount of money for one camera?
Maybe I can use that money for something else, maybe I can save it to buy clothes, pay my bills or why not food. Haha.
Guilty Guilty Fall

I don't understand myself.! I can't believe I am doing this again. Hesitating for buying something just for me makes me feel guilty. Makes me feel I am not thinking in my family, maybe they will need the money for something more...productive?..

What the heck!

I am doing this.

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