15 de octubre de 2013

Do It. But Really Do It

If you think is worth it. Go for it. 
Whatever situation you are in right now...

If you feel that is what you have to do. DO IT. But really do it.
Don't let things go, you might regret them later on
I wonder how many people is in doubt right now
feeling scare of the consequences of their possible acts.
I don't know if things are going to turn out fine, maybe, they wont. 
But at least you will know you tried, 
whatever the consequences...
you did it and that is a life's lesson.

Must remember:
Do things for you, because they make you happy, 
don't do things to please others.
 People can let you down, even the loved ones
Do things because you want to,
 because they take your breath away,
or make you smile and feel happy.
At night when you lay down in you bed 
you will know how peaceful it feels.

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